Hints & tips

what to know
• Always wear your seat belt, the exception being when crossing a river.
• Whilst driving in bush or thorn trees keep your window closed to above eye level.
• It is advisable to move your seat a "click" forward and to raise your backrest slightly, when encountering off road conditions.
• Adjust tyre pressure to suite the terrain.
• Inspect suspect obstacles prior to attempting them.
• Keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Remember to keep your thumbs on the outside of the wheel.
• Choose your driving line and gear, before attempting an obstacle and remain committed to your choice.
• A piece of tape placed at top center of your steering wheel will assist in keeping your wheels straight when driving in sand.
• While driving difficult terrain it is advisable to allow the vehicle in front of you to clear the obstacle before you make an attempt.
• Avoid aggressive jerking of the steering wheel, rather use gentle coaxing manouvers.
• Select four-wheel drive prior to encountering any difficulties.
• When driving in grassy areas check the underneath of your car regularly for grass build-ups that can easily lead to fires.
• Remember that when stuck in a seemingly impossible situation it often helps to sit down, relax, have a refreshment and consider your predicament.